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Matthieu's trip around the world

Matthieu is back home
Adventure in Russia...
Find the adventure of Matthieu in Russia after his crossing of the
Bering Straits, the his way back.

Matthieu resumes his trip around the World
Departure from the United States...
Find here his route since Oshkosh towards Alaska and the message
he has sent.

Video of Matthew at Oshkosh!
Report of
Matthieu tells us about his trip to Oshkoh from France via Greenland ...

New video of Matthew at Oshkosh
Report of
New interview with Matthew by the "World's Premier Independent Aviation
News Resource".

Matthieu De Quillacq at Oshkosh USA
Amazing trip of Matthieu from France to the United
States aboard his Kompress Charlie
Gone aboard his Kompress Charlie, Matthieu just landed
at Oshkosh (Wisconsin - USA)